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Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016

Planning and Development (Strategic Housing Development) Regulations 2017

Notice of Strategic Housing Development

Application to An Bord Pleanála


Cairn Homes Properties Limited intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for planning permission for a strategic housing development at this site which is located on the Moyglare Road and Dunboyne Road within the townland of Mariavilla, Maynooth, Co. Kildare and is bounded generally by an existing residential development ‘Moyglare Hall’ and agricultural lands (including Maria Villa a protected structure) to the north and west, the ‘Divine Word Missionaries complex’, undeveloped lands to the south and east, the Dunboyne Road, undeveloped lands to the east all on an application site of c. 21.26 hectares.  The site includes works to a protected structure (Maria Villa House Gate Lodge KCC RPS Ref. B05-09).


The proposal relates to a mixed use development of 462 no. dwellings comprising 219 no. 3 bedroom houses; 100 no. 4 bedroom houses; 26 no. 1 bedroom apartments, 55 no. 2 bedroom apartments, 5 no. 3 bedroom apartments, 28 no. 2 bedroom duplex apartments, 28 no. 3 bedroom duplex apartments, 1 no. 2 bedroom refurbished Gate Lodge (a protected structure KCC RPS Ref. B05-09); student accommodation consisting of 106 no. student accommodation units (483 no. bedspaces); a local neighbourhood node to include a crèche of c. 601 sq. m (including storage  5 sq. m - with outdoor play area of c. 277 sq. m), café of c. 191 sq. m, gym of c. 1,010 sq. m, and a retail unit of c. 438 sq. m.

The development will consist of:-

A)    The provision of: a new c. 800m link street with 1 no. vehicular/pedestrian bridge across the Lyreen River (to include services and rerouted underground ESB and utilities), between Moyglare Road and Dunboyne Road vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist access to the proposed development via new access junctions on the Dunboyne Road and Moyglare Road; internal road network including 4 no culverts and pedestrian bridge (across the Crewhill stream), and associated junctions;

B)    Demolition of the existing vacant 2 storey building (c. 564 sq. m) adjacent to the ‘Divine Word Missionaries’ on the Moyglare Road;

C)   Provision of 462 no. residential dwellings comprising 2 storey & 2.5 storey detached/semi-detached and detached dwellings along with 7 no. 3 storey duplex apartment buildings and 4 no. 4 storey apartment buildings as follows:

1)    46 no. 4-bed 2.5 storey semi-detached [Types A1,A1(D)A1 (V)]; 20. no. 4-bed 2 storey end of terrace [Types A3,A3(V)]; 5 no. 4-bed 2 storey detached [Types A4(D), A5, A3(D)]; 29 no. 4-bed 2 storey semi-detached [Types A2, A2(V)]; 3 no. 3-bed 2 storey - detached [Types B1(D)]; 110 no. 3-bed 2 storey - end of terrace [Types B1, B1(V)]; 36 no. 3-bed 2 storey - wide fronted [Types B3,B3(V)]; 56 no. 3-bed 2 storey - mid-terrace (Type B2); 14 no. 3-bed 2 storey semi-detached (Type B4);

2)    28 no. 2 Bed duplex apartments & 28 no. 3 Bed duplex apartments (in 7 no. 3 storey buildings 3-9 [4 no. 2 bed duplex apartment and 4 no. 3 bed duplex apartment in each block]);

3)    4 no. 4 storey apartment buildings; Block 1 (6 no. 1 bed apartments, 15 no. 2 bed apartments, 1 no. 3 bed apartment), Block 2 (8 no. 1 bed apartments, 8 no. 2 bed apartments, 8 no. 3 bed apartments) Block 3 (6 no. 1 bed apartments, 12 no. 2 bed apartments, 2 no. 3 bed apartments), Block 4 (6 no. 1 bed apartments, 12 no. 2 bed apartments, 2 no. 3 bed apartments);

4)    The refurbishment/restoration works (as well as associated internal and external alterations) to the single storey Gate Lodge (a protected structure KCC RPS Ref. B05-09) to include removal of existing rear (modern) extension of c.15 sq. m and conversion into a 2 bedroom dwelling (with new single storey extension c. 74 sq. m and 2 no parking spaces) to provide an overall floor area of 106 sq. m;

5)    979 no. car parking spaces and 706 no. bicycle spaces to serve the overall development as well as solar panels on roofs of houses/apartments and duplexes) along with balconies/terraces for all apartments and duplex apartments;

D)   Student Accommodation of 106 no. units (483 no. bedspaces) and ancillary/services/plant floorspace (use to include short term letting outside academic term time), bin storage and amenity spaces (to include basketball court) as well as a local  neighbourhood node (including 91 no. car parking spaces & 538 no. cycle spaces) located in 7 no. buildings (c. 19,160 sq. m)  as follows:-

1)    Block A is a part 3 storey (fronting onto Moyglare Road) and 4 storey building and comprises a retail unit (438 sq. m), gym (1,010 sq. m) and Student Accommodation 115 no. bed spaces along with landscape garden at first floor level;

2)    Block A1 is a part single storey/two storey building fronting onto the Moyglare Road and comprises a crèche of 601 sq. m (over two floors including storage of 5 sq.m) and a single storey café of 191 sq. m, with entrance clock tower feature of two storeys in height;

3)    Block A2 comprises a three storey building and consists of 4 no. own door - 4 bed student units (16 no. bedspaces)

4)    Blocks B-E (352 no. bedspaces) comprise 3-4 storey blocks of student accommodation with internal courtyards consisting of Block B (67 no. bed spaces), Block C (128 no. bedspaces), Block D (77 no. bed spaces), Block E (80 no. bedspaces);

E)    Approximately 7.7 hectares of open space (including playground areas), to include new Lyreen Riverside Park of c. 4.78 hectares along the Lyreen River/Crewhill Stream as well as all residential open space areas, communal open space area,  including all ancillary landscape works with public lighting, planting and boundary treatments (internal and external [to include boundary wall of .c 2m to Divine Word Missionaries’ lands] and for new boundary along Moyglare Road to tie into Gate Lodge entrance, as well as regrading/re-profiling of site and stream/ditch banks where required as well as provision of cycle paths.

F)    1 no. ESB substation in Block B of student accommodation, 4 no. ESB kiosks as well as bicycle/bin stores, and plant room buildings to serve apartment and duplex apartment buildings.

G)   Surface water attenuation measures and underground storm cell attenuation systems as well as all ancillary site development/construction works as well as connection to existing public water supply and drainage services and provision of construction access from Dunboyne Road and Moyglare Road.

H)   1 no. single storey marketing suite and signage (including hoarding) during the construction phases.

A Natura Impact Statement (NIS) and an Environmental Impact Assessment Report, which also constitutes an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the purposes of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, and the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 as amended, has been prepared and accompanies this application.  The application together with the Natura Impact Statement (NIS) and Environmental Impact Assessment Report / EIS may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, during public opening hours at the offices of An Bord Pleanála and Kildare County Council.  The application may also be inspected online at the following website set up by the applicant: www.mariavillaplanning.com. The application contains a statement setting out how the proposal will be consistent with the objectives of the relevant development plan (Kildare County Development Plan 2017-2023) and local area plan (Maynooth Local Area Plan 2013-2019).


Any person may, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by An Bord Pleanála of the application and on payment of the prescribed fee of €20 (except for certain prescribed bodies), make a submission or observations in writing to An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, relating to the implications of the proposed development, if carried out, for proper planning and sustainable development in the area or areas concerned, and the likely effects on the environment or the likely effects on a European site, as the case may be, of the proposed development, if carried out.  Submissions or observations duly made will be considered by An Bord Pleanála in making a decision on the application. Such submissions or observations must also include the following information:

(a)   the name of the person, authority or body making the submission or observations, the name of the person, if any, acting on behalf of that person, authority or body, and the address to which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent,

(b)   the subject matter of the submission or observations, and

(c)   the reasons, considerations and arguments on which the submission or observations is or are based.


An Bord Pleanála may grant permission for the strategic housing development as proposed, or may grant permission subject to such modifications as it specifies in its decision, or may grant permission in part only, with or without any other modifications it may specify in its decision, or may refuse to grant permission for the proposed development.  An Bord Pleanála may attach to a grant of permission such conditions as it considers appropriate. Any enquiries relating to the application process should be directed to the Strategic Housing Development Section of An Bord Pleanála (Tel. 01-8588100). A person may question the validity of a decision of An Bord Pleanála by way of an application for judicial review, under Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts (S.I. No. 15 of 1986), in accordance with sections 50 and 50A of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (No. 30 of 2000), as amended.  Practical information on the review mechanism can be found in the Judicial Review Notice on the An Bord Pleanála’s website: www.pleanala.ie  or on the Citizens Information Service website: www.citizensinformation.ie.

Signed: 39 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 2. Date of erection of Site Notice 16th March 2018